Updated to version 1.1.0

Thank you to my wonderful tester Cate who picked up some endless loops I thought I'd closed. 

  • If your thing is too much you can do some of the thing. However it doesn't make sense to do some of some of the thing. Or to do some of some of some of some of some of the thing. So you can no longer do that
  • And you can no longer reschedule rescheduling the thing. Just reschedule it now how long could it possibly take?
  • Added a cookie
  • Made sure you can scroll if your screen is smaller than mine and you use the accessible scheme which makes the text bigger and you might need to scroll to see that text
  • Adjusted some of the variables so that they reset at different points. Once you've done your thing and you move on to another thing you should be allowed to use the same excuses all over again. 
    • Also added a reset button to the footer so you can reset at any time and just start over. 
  • Adjusted the sizing of the non-text elements when you use the accessible colour scheme. The text is bigger so the header should take up more space!


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Oct 31, 2018

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